Tasting Sunsets around the World.

Have you ever wondered if you could taste sunset, what would it actually taste like? Peaches and cream? Blueberrry smoothie with orange dressing? Orange marmalade? A citrusy mud cake with hint of vanilla? Strawberry whipped cream cake? Every time I go wandering about the world and stumble upon an enchanting sunset, blazing with a riot of colors, from peachy oranges, to creamy pinks, to blazing reds, to pearly blues, I can’t help my taste buds from salivating & wanting to lick off the sky.

Sunsets are usually devilishly enchanting. They trap you with their allure and then when you are hooked, you never want the sun to go down. You want it to sit right there at the edge of the horizon, flaming the skies in a riot of colors and let you feel trapped in the moment for eternity. For many, it is a moment to meditate, introspect and feel all the love the nature showers in that moment. It is a moment to wind down, de-stress and feel at peace with oneself, fully immersed the calmness the setting sun brings to nature.

For me, it is mostly a moment for my mind to wander and imagine the taste of the sky. Of course, like it the most when I feel it could taste like fruity cassata ice-cream. Slurpp!

Orange Marmalade – Baneshwar, India
Peach Iced Tea – Pushkar Lake, India
Choco Chip Icecream- Positano, Italy
Vanilla Ice cream – Mt Everest, India
Minty Lemonade – Bainsrorgarh, India
Tequila Sunset – Aswan, Egypt
Basil Orangetini – Kesroli, India
Orange Honey Cinnamon Cake- Allahabad, India
Blueberry Smoothie – Madrid, Spain
Mixed berry yoghurt – Bhopal, India
Chocolate Mudcake – Venice, Italy
Minty Blue Lagoon Granita – Amalfi Coast, Italy
Vanilla Choco Chip Icecream – Tonsai Bay, Phi Phi Islands
Fruity Trifle- Varca, Goa, India
Fruity Ice Cream Cassatta – Rann of Kutch, India

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