Serenity by the Umiam Lake, Shillong

#umiamlake, #shillong, #meghalaya, #india, #travel, #serenity, #travelphotography

Shillong is better known as the Melting Pot of North East, it being the gateway to experience the rich culture and treasures that the lands in faraway east provides. A two day getaway to Umiam Lake, right on the outskirts of Shillong, is highly recommended to undo your lifestyle  stresses and prepare yourself to experience the melange of culture that north east offers.

Nestled amongst the thick pine forest on the hilly terrains surrounding this huge man-made lake, is a getaway like no other – Ri Kynjai resort. Farwaway from maddening  city crowd and with spectacular views of the lake, peace and tranquility welcomes you with open arms. Made in beautiful traditional wood, furnished with wood and cane furniture and decorated with stunning artifacts from northeast, the resort has a colonial feel to it and is truly a cosy home away from home. Huge french windows invite you into enjoy nature, uninterrupted by any human form or element. Sit out on the balcony, snuggle up in a blanket and read a book for hours, sipping on hot tea , only to look up every few minutes and admire the beautiful landscape. Stunning sunrise from the hills right across the lake will jostle you awake very early in the morning and ensnare you to follow the natural trekking path down the hill to the edge of the lake, the way this landscape is best enjoyed.

The place lulls you into a slow pace of life and that can be only enhanced by giving in completely. So sit back, meditate, slow down, get a traditional Khasi massage and prepare yourself for the cultural experience in northeast that beckons.

#umiamlake, #shillong, #meghalaya, #india, #travel, #serenity, #travelphotography
View from the room; Umiam Lake, Shillong


#umiamlake, #shillong, #meghalaya, #india, #travel, #serenity, #travelphotography
By the Umiam Lake, Shillong


#umiamlake, #shillong, #meghalaya, #india, #travel, #serenity, #travelphotography
By the Umiam Lake, Shillong

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