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The Epitaph would read – She slogged & how! Just for the visa stamps.

Hi there! I am Sunita, a marketing professional and a cubicle dweller by the day. When not immersed in the corporate life, I am actively planning my next trip or updating my bucket list or researching new places to explore and thinking about new things to learn.

I have been a maniacal traveller since last 10 years. My aim is to cover minimum 4 places in India (there is so much to see in our country, it is overwhelming!) and one country in a year. Last year was great, I travelled every single month and the streak continues into this year! My idea of travel is not to jump cities just for tickmarks. I do always plan one country at a time and the length of the trip is the time it will take for me to cover atleast 70% of the top things to do in that country. So I do travel extensively, fully immersing myself in that place.

I am a passionate photographer as well and my camera is my faithful aide in all my journeys, helping me capture memories for a lifetime.

The journey for this blog starts a bit late into my travels, but it is a start nonetheless.

Thanks for stopping by & look forward to your feedback & comments.



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6 thoughts on “Know Me!

  1. Hey Sunitha, great to come across your page and write up on Nongriat and the trek involved. I am trying to arrange a trip to Meghalaya through an agent and i am keen on visiting Nongriat. How fit should one be for doing the trek? Are guides easily available there and can I find myself one at the start of the trek?


    1. Hi Anagha, the trek is quite hard. it is 5000 steps down and then back up. while going down it is hard on the knees and thighs, climbing back up with sore legs is quite rough. but you can take your time and do it with any level of fitness. if you are backpacking, you can stay the night at the village and explore a trek to the waterfall. there are no official guides, but you can find villagers doubling as guides at the entrance who will accompany you to the village. although you don’t need a guide; you just have to follow the stairs.


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