Time travelling through 6000 yr old Harappan towns– Lothal & Dholavira

The Harappan Bull Seal (Source: Harappa.com)

My fascination with ancient civilizations started with the picture of the Harappan bull seal in our class 8 history textbook. When most kids would loathe the idea of going to museums during summer vacations for holiday homework project, I would love to spend hours at the Museum of National History in New Delhi, wanting to know more about history & civilisations. The ancient indian civilisation is called as the Indus valley civilisation or the Harappan civilisation that spread Continue reading “Time travelling through 6000 yr old Harappan towns– Lothal & Dholavira”


A 3-Day Offbeat Kutch

Experiencing White Rann under a full moon night, getting fooled by mirages in the Little Rann, stalking wild asses, feeling awed by fossils at Chobari and stepping back in history by 6600 yrs at Dholavira.

The pictures of the moonlit white desert or the Rann of Kutch have been tantalizing  and beckoning me since many years. The burning desire to spend a night at the Rann, experiencing it in a unique way Continue reading “A 3-Day Offbeat Kutch”

A Moonlit Night’s Introspection at the Rann of Kutch

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Experiencing nothingness, infinity, silence, insignificance & purposelessness.

The Rann, they say, can’t be captured; it can be only experienced. Nothing else said could have been truer about Rann. Wanting to experience something offbeat, we decided to spend some time on a full moon night at the Great White Salt desert also known as Continue reading “A Moonlit Night’s Introspection at the Rann of Kutch”