A road trip through the Middle Land – Spiti Valley

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A one week road trip to Spiti Valley via Manali – Kalpa Kinnaur – Nako – Tabo – Kaza- Key – Kibber – Langza – Hikkim – Dhankar – Lhalung – Chandratal – Manali

The beauty of Lahaul-Spiti valley is overshadowed by the interest in Leh, its flashy famous neighbour. Hence Spiti remains untouched by the millions of tourists who throng to Leh every year. Spiti means the Middle Land – the land between India & Tibet. A melting pot of Indo -Tibetan culture, splendid views of untouched natural beauty, stark barren landscapes dotted by green oasis of villages, picturesque old Buddhist monasteries perched on top of the hills, gorgeous blue lakes and clear skies for stargazing, a trekkers paradise; Spiti has all this to offer and much more to travellers. Continue reading “A road trip through the Middle Land – Spiti Valley”


A 3-Day Offbeat Kutch

Experiencing White Rann under a full moon night, getting fooled by mirages in the Little Rann, stalking wild asses, feeling awed by fossils at Chobari and stepping back in history by 6600 yrs at Dholavira.

The pictures of the moonlit white desert or the Rann of Kutch have been tantalizing  and beckoning me since many years. The burning desire to spend a night at the Rann, experiencing it in a unique way Continue reading “A 3-Day Offbeat Kutch”


Tasting Sunsets around the World.

Have you ever wondered if you could taste sunset, what would it actually taste like? Peaches and cream? Blueberrry smoothie with orange dressing? Orange marmalade? Continue reading “Tasting Sunsets around the World.”

Chasing Beautiful Sunrises around the World

“The morning always has a way of creeping up on me and peeking in my bedroom windows. The sunrise is such a pervert.” ― Jarod Kintz.

There is something to the warm rays of sunrise, illuminating the world at dawn, that makes me look at this cyclical and permanent process in nature with a sense of deep wonderment. At dawn, the darkness that envelopes life at night tussles with the impending sunlight for a brief few minutes, Continue reading “Chasing Beautiful Sunrises around the World”

A Ferrari Speed Thrill in Spain

“Faster faster faster, till the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” ~ Hunter Thompson.

The lure of the adventure and exhilaration of speeding cars has always captured the imagination of many a man. When my speedometer barely crosses 50kmph on a good day due to a taco-phobia (fear of speeds), I have always wondered why speed thrills. What is it about speed that makes men want to live on the edge, flying down a track Continue reading “A Ferrari Speed Thrill in Spain”